One of the central axis around which our job revolves is copywriting. The script is a very important element in advertising communication of any kind. To be exact, the script is the soul of the advertisement. Within the advertising script does not only lie the simple information but also a message that will inspire, will entertain and in the end that will win over a consumer.

Any person capable of using written word can put a script together, but not an advertising script. Advertising copywriting is done by professional copywriters with talent and experience, not only in writing but also in advertising. And this is exactly the turning point, which will give your advertisement or your script an important competitive advantage.

The advertising agency ‘copywriters’ creates scripts for sites in such a way, that they are not only advertising and commercial but they are also better traced by search engines (SEO). Our main job is also to create advertising slogans, company nomenclature, product or marketing activity nomenclature and compiling press releases. We have undertaken writing and diligence of scripts for events, politician speeches and corporate videos also we realized writing and producing a successful web serial.