Communication Strategy

In the market’s difficult and competitive environment, shaping the right marketing strategy is the first and most important step before the creation of a campaign. The second one is the right communication strategy. This is why we plan all your communication steps based on two cornerstones: differentiation from competition and concentration towards the accomplishment of direct and realistic commercial targets.

During the current hardships in the market, shaping the communication strategy becomes even more difficult, because along with the cutback in the consuming capability of the buying audience, there is also a cutback in “advertising arguments”, in other words, what could we say to the public that is original but also motivating. There are not few, those who support that we should go ‘back to basics’. We believe that this is a time of adaptation to the new data/condition/status quo. To this attempt, what will be effective is the use of every strategic means and the utilization of all possibilities offered, in a way that fits each sponsor’s individual needs.

Our target is to decide to tell the consumer with every communication plan that we do something that concerns them. With the simplest and most direct way possible. Only then can an advertisement be successful: when the sponsor, the advertiser and the consumer share a common language, when they communicate.