TV spots

In order to create a TV spot, it takes not only talent and creativity, but also experience in big advertising productions, as the cooperation and coordination of several companies and expertise is required. After writing the advertising scenario and having it approved by the sponsor, we get in touch with production agencies and directors, so as to choose the appropriate associates who will bring the endeavor to life. After an agreement is reached, we organize in common the production for the TV spot.

At the same time, we bring the sponsor in contact with media shops, which plan the airing to the media, and we design together the time, duration and at which channels the TV spot will appear. We follow and attend to every step of the entire spectrum, from the initial scenario to the time the TV commercial will be aired. For the preparation of the production, the selection of associates, to filming, montage, post production, voice-over and sound design, we possess the knowhow and experience to follow the project through all of its stages until we reach the best possible outcome.

Our office, during its short existence has already created the TV spots for Tyrnavos Wine Making Association and the commercial “robot” for the “toy life” project of Earth Organization. This film won very positive comments with the participation in the Cannes International Advertising Festival and has been awarded the gold digital applications EVGE at the Greek Awards of Graphic Design and Animation. We have also created a commercial regarding volunteering for the institutions “Praxis” and “Life Center”.