Radio spots

Radio is our favorite means. But it is also a very demanding means. Since it does not entail the advantages that come with the image, we need to utilize every sound possibility. Radio message cannot be a simple announcement. The reason is that through the plethora of radio messages transmitted on a daily basis by radio stations, messages that have no character to make them unique, will never be listened to by the audience. The radio message has to be original, clever, creative, it needs to catch your attention and be delivered by professional broadcasters or actors.

What we emphasize on when we create a radio message is the script, the original concept and the production. From the script, the selection of broadcasters and the delivery to the sound design and the final mix at one of the specialized studio we cooperate with, we attend to every single detail of the radio message, so that your advertisement will not go unnoticed and will have appeal to the audience.

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