Who we are

“Copywriters” is an advertising agency that combines the experience and potential offered by big advertising companies, with the flexibility of an advertising hot shop. It is staffed by experienced copywriters, art directors and developers with talent, creativity and well-established presence in advertising. We always seeking new methods, media and solutions. We believe that the essential requirement for survival is adaptation.

What we do

We cover the creative aspect for the entire range of advertising and communication. We also implement a big part of the projects having to do with internet, digital marketing and social media. Therefore, if you are looking for advertising ideas, here you will find suggestions for both above- (TV, radio, print) as well as below-the-line (sales promotion, direct marketing, online advertising and social media) level.

How we do it

We give emphasis to the advertising script. Scrip is the element which will link the advertising idea to the product. Ideas that stand out on TV, radio or print, are the ones with inspired script and clever, well-made punch lines. But also for the internet , the script is what will make the site and your products take off in the search engines and will provide you an effective daily communication with your public at social media.

Communication Strategy

We plan your every communication step based on two cornerstones: differentiation from competition and concentration towards the accomplishment of direct and realistic commercial targets. We utilize every potentiality according to your needs. 

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“Creativity” in our time means the capability of finding solutions. This is also true when it comes to advertising; the message, the promise to the consumer, given in the simplest and most comprehensible way possible, in comparison with a powerful and original creative. 

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Digital Marketing & Social Media

We know how to keep the client’s image fresh and always up-to-date at internet sites and everything related to their promotion, blogs and all social media. We create /update content regularly in order to hold on public’s interest and so as you keep making fans.

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Advertising copywrite is done by professional copywriters with talent and experience, not only in writing but also in advertising. And this is exactly the turning point, which will give your advertisement or your script an important competitive advantage.

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